Talent building

We firmly believe that human resources and knowledge capital are important indicators to measure the overall competitiveness of an enterprise. We closely integrate the personal growth of employees with the company's long-term development. We are happy to provide employees with an infinite possible future, and they will agree with employees to achieve ideals.
Talents Strategy
We deeply believe that our competition in the market was as same as the competition of the use of human resources. we've established the strong business foundation in foam business is the result of the endeavor of all staffs of our group.
We take human resources is the most important factor in management policy. We grant the suitable right for each position. And the working ability of each staff should be satisfied the requirement of the position. Our remuneration to all staffs is reasonable and competitive to the market level We use of our group culture to give our staffs to have a good environment and platform to develop their careers.
Our main principles to recruit staffs are: Open, Equal, Competition and select the Excellent.
Our company believes that fair promotion regulation and system, good relationship with employees and reasonable remuneration were the main factors to maintain the stability of human resources We respect with each other and give right opportunity for all of our staffs.
we're always open for everyone to develop their business here. We sincerely invite any qualified person join with us, to develop our prosperous future!
Practice Programme for Graduates
We've been setting up a long-term practical training programme with both universities in China and overseas. With the help by our experienced staffs and technicians, we give a very good practical environment for the graduates. We assist the students to have a plan for their career in future after the training course. We will invite suitable graduates to join our company after the programme finished.
Human Resources Reserved
Our company has a data bank and information sources for human resources. We build up the training and human resources reserved plan for the graduates who study the practical programme in our group annually. We pay much attention for the trainees and will give the opportunity and platform for the right persons. Our management staffs will be selected through recruitment. Data of all unsuccessful applicants will be reserved in our data bank for recruitment in future. We will first consider for those applicants who attended our interviews in the past once we have the vacancies.

Recruitment positions

Full time   /   1-3 years  /  Junior high school Xinbei District, Changzhou - -
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Work place : Xinbei District, Changzhou - - Department Production Department Working years : 1-3 years Education: Junior high school Recruitment : 1
Being able to design flock clamps;  being familiar with mechanical processing technique;  being able to quote and translate English drawing.  The one who has ever wrote, quoted and checked the technique of piece processing of large CNC lathes and is able to guide the related processing is preferred.
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