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6 points to pay attention to curing machine maintenance

The vulcanizing machine is used as a belt joint tool. During and after use, it should be maintained and maintained like other tools to extend the service life. At present, as long as the curing machine produced by our company is used properly, its service life is 8 years.

Instructions for temperature control of flat vulcanizer

First, the temperature control of the plate vulcanizing machine is performed by the intelligent controller on the temperature of the upper, middle and lower heating plates in the curing process, and the display panel is used to show the detection results and set temperature values of the heating plate temperature.

Safety operation rules of flat vulcanizing machine

Preheat the plate before vulcanization, and check whether there is any foreign matter between the layers and whether the other parts are normal. -

Solution to wear of crosshead shaft of vulcanizer

Because the vulcanizing machine is made of metal and has high hardness, it is subject to vibration and other combined forces during the production and operation process, which causes the parts to form gaps and cause wear.
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