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Delivery of welded structural products

Recently, the roller crusher of our company's welded structural products was shipped to Shanghai Port. Our company specializes in the production of large-scale industrial structural products, including blanking, riveting, machining, sandblasting paint, assembly and other production processes. We provide professional overall solutions for customers' structural products.

Shipment of 2500T foam molding machine

Yesterday, our company's 2500T intelligent large-scale foam molding machine was loaded and sent to customers. The electric control of this model adopts touch screen and PLC programmable control. The touch screen sets and displays the working parameters. It automatically and quickly opens the mold synchronously.

New 100t Intelligent Flat Vulcanizing Machine——4RT

In May 2017, the new 1.0MN intelligent flat plate vulcanizer independently developed by our company passed the test and changed the design of the conventional flat plate vulcanizer, which is a big progress.

Large 25.0MN Intelligent Foam Forming Machine

In August 2016, the large-scale 25.0MN (2500T) intelligent foam molding machine independently developed by our company passed the installation and commissioning and is